100 Important One Word Substitutions List PDF

One Word Substitutions form an important part of the vocabulary. Such questions frequently feature in the verbal section of many competitive exams like SSC, Railway, Banking, etc. Questions based on this concept ask you to replace a given sentence with an appropriate word.


In this article, you will get an important 100 of one word substitutions list vary commonly asked on the competitive exams.

One Word Substitution List

Phrase One Word
The building where books are kept for public reading Library
The house/building where pupils gather for learning School/College
The place where people gather for buying and selling different commodities Market
The place where animals and birds are kept for public visit Zoo
The place where dogs are kept Kennel
The place where a lion lives Den
The man whose business is printing books for sale Publisher
The man who watches the examinees Invigilator
The animals that eat raw flesh Scavenger
The man who has not married Bachelor
The woman who has not married Spinster
The act of killing oneself Suicide
The handwriting that can not be read Illegible
The man who serves without salary Honorary
The man who can not read or write Illiterate
The man who can read or write Literate
The man who looks at the bright side of things Optimist
The man who looks at the dark side of things Pessimist
The Doctor who performs operations Surgeon
The child born after its father’s death Posthumous
The festival observed for completion of 100 year Centenary
The man who dies for a noble cause Martyr
The man who comes from a foreign land to settle Immigrant
The man leaving his country to settle in a foreign land Emigrant
The thing that can be seen Visible
The thing that can not be seen Invisible
The man who kills a man Murderer
The man who plows for producing crops Cultivator
The man who works with wood Carpenter
The man who works with clothes for making dresses Tailor
The man who drives a car Driver
The man who drives an airplane Pilot
The man who delivers letters Postman
The man who makes bread Baker
The man who owes something to others Debtor
The man who lends out money/things Lender
The person who deals in law Lawyer
The man who writes books, articles, stories, etc Author/Writer
The man who does not take fish or meat Vegetarian
The person who makes/repairs shoes Cobbler
The two events happening at the same time Contemporary
The woman whose husband is dead Widow
The house/room in which meals are cooked or prepared Kitchen
The student who sits for the examination Examinee
The man who employs persons in works Employee
The chief meal of the day Dinner
The meal taken in the middle of the day Lunch
The meal of the night Supper
The man who can not see Blind
The event that can not happen Impossible
The man who is rich but can not spend money Miser, Niggardly
The man who has much money Rich
The man who can deliver a lecture Orator
The tribe having no permanent residence Nomad
The man who teaches about religion Preacher
The place where the Christian people pray/worship Church
The place where the Muslims worship God Mosque
The place where the Hindus worship God Temple
The life history of a man Biography
The life history of a man written by himself Autobiography
The decision taken with the support of all Unanimous

Here is below the PDF downloading link of the one word substitution list.




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